Fiberglass Tank and Other

  • Fiberglass Tank and Other

We are provider to serve our customers in various kinds of industrial . We design and manufacture various kinds of tanks and steel structure for use with the machine or other purpose including an installation to the factory. With a team of experienced experts


The scope of the services

- Welding steel and stainless steel tank

- Welding steel and stainless steel structural for machines or other purpose

- Welding steel and stainless steel duct

- Welding steel and stainless steel products

- Other material such as FRP tanks, PE tanks and PP tanks

Products and Service

    Bleaching Tower

    Blending Tank

    Buffer Tank

    CIP Washing Tank

    Condensate Tank

    Dilution Tank

    Drum Thickener Tank

    Drum Tower

    Filtrate Tank

    Filter Tank

    Heat Exchangers

    Hopper and Silos

    Hot Water Tank

    Make Up Water Tank

    Mixing Tank

    Mobile Tank

    Pressure Tank

    Sedimentation Tank

    Sludge Tank

    Split Stock Tank

    Storage Tank

    Vacuum Tank

    Sand Blasting


    Piping Work

    Machine Structure

    Safety Ladder & Handrail

    Service Platform

    Steel and Stainless Steel Work

    Maintenance & Services

Over 10 years of experience, we focus on producing quality products. The fast service And deliver the products on time. Has won the trust of customers with good always. A reminder that we do not stop the development of products to the ultimate goal of the company is

To produce quality products and best service. To create maximum satisfaction to our customers


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